Powershell or Ruby ?

Recently I have been playing with Ruby and I have to say the language is a ton of fun. This one line of code pretty much sold me on the language.   5.times {puts "Hello World"} Similar to Powershell, in Ruby, everything is an object, including primitive times. In Powershell, I could definitely get into some XML goo and spot-weld a method to System.Int32 called times. What would be really cool is if in Powershell I could expand the int32 class on the fly and not have to mess with XML, just as I can in Ruby. mystring = "Hello There" puts mystring.length class String  def myownmethod   puts "Methods on the fly are pretty cool"  end end puts mystring.myownmethod Below is the output from the code RubyMate r6075 running Ruby r1.8.6 (/usr/bin/ruby) messwithruby.rb 11 Methods on the fly are pretty cool nil I love Powershell and am a die-hard fan. When it comes to the debate of Powershell vs Ruby I personally take Scott Hanselman's suggestion. Learn them both and you wil be a better scripter/developer/person. Sure, you can also use add-member for instances of objects, but to be able to create and modify classes in Powershell V2 would be pretty darn cool.