Remoting Out of Memory Exception

A colleague of mine was using some remoting features in a dev lab and came across an interesting issue. He was using some native commands to build out a SharePoint environment. One of the commands he was using kept throwing a OutOfMemory Exception error. The system had plenty of memory available, so it was definitely an issue with the remoting client. Poking around in the WSMAN: Provider we found a config option called MaxMemoryPerShellMB in WSMAN:\localhost\Shell\

The default value is 150, which seems well and good for most commands. However, this is the second time I have run into it with different commands so I think it is worth noting. After upping the config to 512, all was right with the world again.

set-item wsman:localhost\Shell\MaxMemoryPerShellMB 512

I have to say i love the new WSMAN: provider. It makes something that was incredibly difficult to manipulate a snap.

Hope that helps,