PowerShell Advanced Functions

A while back I posted a screencast on using the ISE for debugging. It seems like a lot of people enjoyed the video so I thought I would do another one. As a result, here is a Screencast that discusses Advanced Functions in PowerShell. I hope you find it helpful.

Seattle PowerShell Script Club – Thurs Nov 19th

I am happy to announce that the Seattle PowerShell Script Club will be meeting on Thursday, Nov 19th at 818 Stewart St, Seattle WA from 7:00 PM to 9:00 PM and a good chance of heading out for beers when we’re done.

James Brundage has released his Windows PowerShell Pack. James and I thought we would start off with a couple examples of how to use WPK to create rich WPF based visualizations of data that is collected with PowerShell.  From there, we can go pretty much anywhere you want to.

Please leave a comment if you plan on attending. Please Register Here

Hope to see you there!