Specifying Listener IP Address for PowerShell Remoting

I have a lot of servers that have more than one network interface. For example, in my Hyper-V cluster, we might have iSCSI NICs, Live Migration NICs, Heartbeat NICs, and Client Access NICs. When I enabled remoting I was not comfortable with WinRM listening on all of the IP addresses on my server. I really only wanted it to listen on 1 IP.

On my local machine, you can see that my listener is listening on any address it can find on my IP stack.


I’d like to set this to only listen only on a single IP V4 Address. When I first tried to change this I started looking at the value for Address under my listener but kept running into an error that reads Set-Item : Item has already been added. Key in dictionary: 'Address'  Key being added: 'Address'

Poking around the WSMAN provider, (which is fantastic by the way!) I found something else that looked promising. In WSMAN:\localhost\Service there are items called IPV4Filter and IPV6Filter.


Sweet!  Let’s try to set it to my local IP Address… and fail with this error

Set-Item : The WinRM client cannot process the request. The IP Filter is invalid. Ranges are specified using the syntax IP1-IP2. Multiple ranges are separated using , as delimiter. * is used to indicate that the service should listen on all available IPs on the machine. When * is used, other ranges in the filter are ignored. If filter is blank,
the service doesn't listen on any address. For example, if service should be restricted to listen on only IPv4 addresses, IPv6 filter should be left empty.

But this is great news. The error message is actually helpful – Christmas miracle maybe?

If you want to listen on a single IP Address, you can specify a range that starts and ends at the same IP. For example,


So why would you have to enter all these crazy ranges.? Well it turns out you can specify these in a GPO. Say you have a Hyper-V Cluster that has a client access network (, an iSCSI network (, and a few others for things like heartbeat and live migration.  If you only wanted to have a listener on the client access network for all of your cluster nodes, you could specify the IPv4Filter to be and the policy would apply to all our servers and they would not be listening on the iSCSI network.

To configure GPO settings, you can go to Computer Configuration\Administrative Templates\Windows Components\WinRM Service and in there you will find a setting called “Allow automatic configuration of listeners”