PowerShell V3

I have the privilege of attending BUILD this year. I am super excited about Windows 8. All the BUILD attendees were given a new Samsung Slate PC running a pre-release Developer Edition of Windows 8. One of the first things I did was crack open PowerShell, looked at $psversiontable and indeed, I was running PowerShell V3!

  1. I’ll be sure to blog more details, but a couple things I noticed right away

ISE has Intellisense

44 Modules were available out of the box

1015 Cmdlets returned from Get-Command

There are a bunch of  *-PSWorkflow cmdlets

There are iSCSI cmdlets

There are TPM (Trusted Platform Module) Cmdlets

Basically, it looks like you can manage just about anything on the PC with PowerShell V3.

I’ll be posting more updates here on the blog as well as on Twitter @andys146