Objects or Text in a pipeline ?

Since the release of Powershell there have been a variety of discussions in the community debating which is more powerful, objects or text in a shell environment. Really it depends on what you are managing with  the shell.

In the case of the *NIX world, there is a bunch of configuration files that need to be changed, and for this a text based shell is a great thing. A text based shell to manipulate text is completely appropriate.

The world of Windows is a very different story. Windows was not built around configuration files. It is an OS that is accessed and manipulated using API's and a set of objects. This of course leads into why Windows needs an object based shell.

What is really comes down to is using the right tool for the job. I am not so sure I would want to manage a Linux server with Powershell, nor would I really want to manage windows with bash.

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I dunno man, I think I would definitely manage a Linux box with powershell if I could.  I've already messed around with some means of doing this but it's just hackery so far.  Also to consider--you can run CIM on almost any platform and then access it from a windows infrastructure using winrm.

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