Help for Functions Supported in V2 CTP 3 !

If you haven’t started reading James Brundage’s Blog entitled “Media and Microcode” I suggest you take a look. He has a lot of great insight into PowerShell in his articles.

There was a slightly subtle note in his latest article about a new feature for functions. They now have built in support for help!

To quote James,

In case you're curious, the comments inside of the function aren't just there for fun. They're an example of script-embedded help (which will not be out until CTP3). Once script-embedded Help is there, you can write help content for a function with just what's in the function below, and you'll be able to Get-Help on your function just like any other command.

This will be a great feature. Self evidence and discoverability are a huge part of the success of PowerShell, and to be able to support Help for functions directly in the console will be a big win for discoverability.

With the abilities to make PowerShell Scripts  more like full blown Cmdlets, it will become necessary for us to rigorously polish our scripts and treat them like fully developed code.. This includes useful comments and help that makes sense and is easy to consume for the user.

We definitely will not lose the pithiness of PowerShell. However, as functions are distributed throughout the community and used by a much wider audience, I think a standard (or even a template) for functions will become more and more common. I am looking forward to seeing what comes about after the release of CTP3.

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Hehe, *that* is what I noticed in that blog post too ;)

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