Customizing Graphical PowerShell/ISE

Graphical PowerShell, also known as the PowerShell Scripting Environment (ISE) can be customized using an object model.

There is a variable called $psISE in the ISE.

   1: PS >$psise | gm | select Name
   3: Name                                                                           
   4: ----                                                                           
   5: Equals                                                                         
   6: GetHashCode                                                                    
   7: GetType                                                                        
   8: ToString                                                                       
   9: CurrentOpenedFile                                                              
  10: CurrentOpenedRunspace                                                          
  11: CustomMenu                                                                     
  12: OpenedRunspaces                                                                
  13: Options              

In there we have options, customMenus, and a number of other cool things. Here we can change the Scripting Pane color to “black”


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