In Redmond to work with the PowerShell Team

Last week I had the tremendous privilege of going to Redmond to work on a PowerShell project with the PowerShell team. Two colleagues and I represented  one of several customers that came to the event.

What was so great about this event was that I was able to show the team what I was working on and they got to see how their product is really being used out in the wild. I was able to learn a lot about the new 2.0 features and implement them in my project with guidance from the PowerShell team.

Being able to finally put faces to names was a wonderful treat. The team is awesome. Hands down, it was the best MS event I have ever been to. Granted, I am a complete PowerShell junky, so for me, just being able to meet the team was fantastic.

What struck me most overall was their passion. I have seen Jeffrey talk and I know he cares deeply about his customers. He absolutely wants to make sure that his team is  doing what is best for his customers. But what was so cool was that this passion goes deep throughout the entire team. From development, to test, to documentation, to UI design for ISE…Everyone on the team wants to make it as great as possible for us. These folks really REALLY care about what they are building, and it obviously shows. They have built a phenomenal product.

Needless to say, this was a wonderful opportunity and if anyone has a chance to meet the PS team, I would HIGHLY recommend it. They are great folks!

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AWESOME!! That sounds like it would be a blast!

It was a blast for us on the PowerShell team too.  Thanks for coming down to campus.

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