Add-Type can use C# 3.0 Syntax

There may be, on some occassion, a need to create a class with a set of properties in PowerShell. This can’t be done natively, but it can be done with some very simple C# syntax, thanks to C# version 3.0, which is really a new compiler as opposed to a new version of .NET. The base class library is the same. Here is a very basic class with four properties.


   1: PS C:\Users\andy.schneider> $csharp = @"
   2: >> public class Andy
   3: >> {
   4: >>  public int age {get;set;}
   5: >>  public string firstName {get;set;}
   6: >>  public string lastName {get;set;}
   7: >>  public string blog {get;set;}
   8: >> }
   9: >> "@
  10: >>
  11: PS C:\Users\andy.schneider>

But we still have to get it into PowerShell. We can use the Add-Type Cmdlet to do this, but it will fail unless we use the C# 3.0 compiler under the covers. We can specify the language we are using with the –Language parameter. I know CSharp30 is wrong, but I like to give it garbage so it will tell me what the valid languages are. Because it takes an ENUM we can find out that CsharpVersion3 is a valid language.


   1: PS C:\Users\andy.schneider>
   2: PS C:\Users\andy.schneider> add-type $csharp -Language Csharp30
   3: Add-Type : Cannot bind parameter 'Language'. Cannot convert value "Csharp30" to type "Microsoft.PowerShell.Commands.Lan
   4: guage" due to invalid enumeration values. Specify one of the following enumeration values and try again. The possible e
   5: numeration values are "CSharp, CSharpVersion3, VisualBasic, JScript".
   6: At line:1 char:27
   7: + add-type $csharp -Language <<<<  Csharp30
   8: PS C:\Users\andy.schneider> add-type $csharp -Language CsharpVersion3

All right, now we are ready to to after running the command on line 8.

We can create a new object of type Andy and set it to $andy

   1: PS C:\Users\andy.schneider> $andy = new-object andy
   2: PS C:\Users\andy.schneider> $andy | gm
   5:    TypeName: Andy
   7: Name        MemberType Definition
   8: ----        ---------- ----------
   9: Equals      Method     System.Boolean Equals(Object obj)
  10: GetHashCode Method     System.Int32 GetHashCode()
  11: GetType     Method     System.Type GetType()
  12: ToString    Method     System.String ToString()
  13: age         Property   System.Int32 age {get;set;}
  14: blog        Property   System.String blog {get;set;}
  15: firstName   Property   System.String firstName {get;set;}
  16: lastName    Property   System.String lastName {get;set;}

Now we have a full blown object with properties and we can create new instances of them all day long, and the C# was pretty darn straight forward.

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