PowerShell Script Club in Seattle

The first Seattle PowerShell Script Club will be held on Tuesday, April 21st from 7:00 to 9:00 PM. You can Sign up now!

What is a PowerShell Script Club?

Script Clubs are like a hands on lab with no set topic or teacher. You bring an idea for a script, and ask your fellow PowerShell users for help getting the script written.

James Brundage, from the PowerShell at team at Microsoft, will be joining us for the evening.

About Seattle PowerShell Script Club

1. You Always Talk About Script club
2. You Always Talk About Script Club
3. If Someone asks for Help, And You Can Help, You Help
4. Two People Help One Person at One Time
5. One Module Per Person Per Night
6. All Scripts, All PowerShell
7. Scripts will be as short as they can be
8. If This is your First time at Script Club, You Have to Script

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Script Club in Toronto, sort of Smile

At the inaugural meeting of our user group in Toronto, I'm going to get to do a 10 min session on a simple Powershell tip each month.  It'll get the "Script Club" name as well as playing the music of "Fight Club" in the background as I explain the rules.  

I'm going to try and see if a) I can pick up some real Powershell User Group interest in Toronto, On and b) see if by the end of the year I can get a reasonably excited chant as members quote the rules with me, like in "Fight Club".

If it goes well I'm going to make a big Powershell Logo on Iron on paper and make a "Fighting" shirt out of it while wearing open finger cyclist gloves as we explain the rules.

"Alright Gentleman, it's time to Script!"


Is there a January 2010 meeting time and place?????



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