PowerShell and ActiveWords

I have been trying out some new software called ActiveWords. I really think this is one of those pieces of software that could potentially change the way you interact with a computer. It basically provides you with the ability to launch any app or replace any text anywhere in any context on your computer. I would recommend checking out their online video demos to see what you could do with this.

Heres a quick little video showing me using a keyword I created to add parameters to advanced functions in the ISE. I am sure you will be able to tell what is me typing versus the text replacement that ActiveWords does.


And here’s another video of me using the same keyword in Notepad2, which I use quite often for quick text editing.

The actions that can be taken in ActiveWords are activated using a hotkey. You can also enable the use a double space-bar which I prefer.

They have a free 60 day trial.  Just enough time to get you hooked. But there are tons of possibilities.

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Hey, not to bash ActiveWords, because I LOVED ActiveWords, back in the day ... but AutoHotkey http://www.autohotkey.com/ is amazing, and free (open source, actually).  

The downside is that you have to learn yet another scripting language, because there's no slick GUI the way there is with ActiveWords.  The upside (aside from the cost) is that you can pretty much script anything you can imagine... even beyond the limitations of ActiveWords.

Watching the second demo video in your post I couldn't help but notice the lack of syntax coloring in your Notepad2 application.
In case you are not aware of it yet, the latest stable build of Notepad2 also comes in a special version which contains syntax highlighting for powershell.

Joel, thanks for the tip on AutoHotkey. Looks very promising. I've also used SlickRun as a program launcher which I like a lot.

Lior, Indeed, the new PS highlight build of Notepad2 is awesome. I just had not happended to save my file yet, so there was no highlighting.


Online video watching has been my hobby`,`

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