Scott Hanselman’s Tools List

I just started rebuilding a laptop with Windows 7 RC and thought I would do a bit of a refresh on my typical tool list that gets added to my machine immediately after a clean install. Notepad2 with PowerShell support is the latest must add for me.

Scott Hanselman has a phenomenal list of tools that he posted back in 2007 but they are still worth a look through. Most are free and the ones that are not are worth paying for.

Scott is mainly a developer so a lot of the tools are dev focused, but a the top 10 would apply to anyone that wants to interact with their computer in a more effective way.

I have heard him mention on his podcast that people are starting to complain that he hasn’t refreshed the list in a while. Maybe we will have the pleasure of the 2009 list soon. We’ll see.

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I totally agree, his list is awesome.  I hope to meet Scott at TechEd next week.

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