Seattle PowerShell Script Club #2 9/3/2009

I am happy to announce that Avanade will be hosting the second Seattle PowerShell Script Club on Thursday, September 3rd at 7:00 PM. You can register here.

What is a PowerShell Script Club?

Script Clubs are like a hands on lab with no set topic or teacher. You bring an idea for a script, and ask your fellow PowerShell users for help getting the script written.

James Brundage, from the PowerShell at team at Microsoft, will be joining us for the evening.

About Seattle PowerShell Script Club

1. You Always Talk About Script club
2. You Always Talk About Script Club
3. If Someone asks for Help, And You Can Help, You Help
4. Two People Help One Person at One Time
5. One Module Per Person Per Night
6. All Scripts, All PowerShell
7. Scripts will be as short as they can be
8. If This is your First time at Script Club, You Have to Script

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