NetApp PowerShell Toolkit has a PowerShell Provider

I was at the PowerShell Deep Dive the first half of this week. During a break, I had the chance to meet Clinton Knight, the lead guy behind the NetApp PowerShell Toolkit. Since v1, I have been asking for a provider. Well it turns out that they slipped one in in their latest release and I didn’t even notice. That will teach me to start reading release notes.

Anyway, now with a filer you can do things like the following. This is going to make it even easier now to navigate all your volumes, q-trees, and LUN’s.


Another very cool feature that I just found out about as well is the ability to store credentials to connect to different filers. They have three cmdlets that allow you to Get, Add, and remove credentials.These are encrypted and stored on disk so that only the user that created them can access them. Definitely a nice touch.


NetApp has really done a fantastic job with their Cmdlets. Their implementation of PowerShell is by far one of the best I have seen, including Microsoft and third parties. Companies looking to use PowerShell in their products should definitely take a look at what NetApp has done.

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