Random Collection of New Features found while Exploring PowerShell V3

I spent some time this afternoon playing around with PowerShell V3 and came across a (very random) set of new features and functionality that I thought I would highlight here. My wife is pretty convinced I have Adult Attention Deficit Disorder. This random collection of features and tips seem to corroborate that theory. At any rate, here is what I have found.

  • There is a new Add-On model in the ISE. From the help I read “Windows PowerShell ISE now supports add-on tools, which are Windows Presentation Foundation (WPF) controls that are added by using the object model.” It is going to be awesome to see what some of the UI/WPF folks come up with using this new functionality.

The ISE now lets you edit XML natively just like you can with PS1 files. You can even set the token colors using $PSIse.Options.XMLTokenColors.

  • The ISE now supports Intellisense. This is a great new feature. One thing that I found extremely helpful was to switch the option $psise.Options.UseEnterToSelectInCommandPanelIntellisense = $true. If you don’t do this, by default, when intellisense pops up and you hit enter, the command will execute without adding what you selected via Intellisense to the command. There is also an option to use enter to select intellisense in the script pane. I recommend setting both of these to $true.

There are cmdlets to mess with IP Addresses. Get-NetIPaddress and Set-IPAddress to just name the first two obvious ones. This is just an example of the breadth of OS coverage we have. If you know PowerShell, you can manage all of Windows.

There is some new, simpler syntax for where and foreach-object. You no longer need to use braces. You can say something like get-service | where name –like svc*

Last but not least, we now have access to control panel items directly in PowerShell. You can get control panel items and start them. One example is Get-ControlPanelItem System | Start-ControlPanelItem

So much good stuff.. It feels like we might get to PowerShell v4 before we finish finding out how to use all the goodness in V3!

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